TORRA Tres Amigos 175

    Team Guilty clinches first place at the Tejas Off Road Racing Association Tres Amigos 175.

    Teamed with Ian Jameson from Briarcliff Texas on a CT Racing powered Honda TRX 450r. Allen Knowles just built the top end and this was its first race on this new motor. The bike ran perfect all day long. The course was a almost a 30 mile loop layed out west of the little town of Sierra Blanca Texas. Our crew stayed in Van Horn the day prior which is a short 15 minute drive east. The team preran the course Friday and worked on some minor issues on the quad. An axle nut came loose and required some attention prior to loading up for the night. Every race course is marked a little differently so its nice we were able to do some "recon" before the actual race. Silt was to be the challenge at this race. The corners were very slippery on race day and required some adjusting from the day before. We wre the last group off the line and I was the first quad at race mile 2. I missed the first few turns before settling down and setting up into them instead of sliding right through them. We were the last group off the line and picked off 3 bikes before RM 16. Two laps in found us in 3rd overall and 1st ATV. The CT motor was pulling strong and I couldnt be happier with the setup. Goldspeed products is our new wheel sponsor this year. These beadlocks are great along with the Tireblocks allowing us to ride with confidence will will not have any tire related problems. Ceet Racing made the racing seat and is much taller then a stock Honda seat and way more comfortable. Ian took over for the last two laps. We filled the Guilty Honda with an  IMS Products quickfill system and left the pits in no time. Checked the bike over quickly and sent him out on the course. We were still in 1st place and appeared to be in 2nd place overall on time by our calculations, physically 3rd. The lead bikes had an 8 minute gap on us and we made up almost all that time on them. Lap 3 Ian had made up more time and by our clocks were in first on time, physically in 3rd. On lap four disaster struck. We used ALOT more gas then we had on the previous laps and Ian ran out 1 mile from the finish. He could see the pits and tried to start the bike with what was left in reserve but it wouldnt fire up. By that time the 2 place quad of Butch Tronquille pulled up and towed Ian in. We dumped a half a galloin in and TORRA allowed scored us the finish. Thanks Butch, for the tow. Heck of sportsman. Team Guilty thanks all our sponsors, IMS Products, Baja Racing Gear, Leatt Brace, Scott Goggles, Bell Helmets, Goldspeed Products, ODI Grips, . Thanks to Allen Knowles and CT Racing for support.  

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