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    This quad started out as a mundane 2004 TRX450r I purchased in 05. The quad had a stock pipe and a Stage 3 Hotcam. The person I got the bike from had a pipe and that was about it on it. He kept the pipe as I was going to do a bike build on this one. What you see today is the culmination of a long arduous build. Desert racing while living in Texas is not an easy task so I am very blessed to have friends on the west coast who allow me to race with them once in a while.Eric Pealstrom`s TRX 450r build for 2017 will be chronicled here soon. Having a bike to practice on that is set up as a desert bike iis a nice.thimg to have to keep in shape. The latest addition to the Guilty Texas quad is the top end. Allen Knowles from CT Racing will be doing the work. What I am wanting is a reliable, competative motor that will run on pump gas. A port and polish, stock size valves, new valve springs and guides which requires re-seating. 12.5 to one JE Piston and rings and hone the cylinder. THe CRF carb I have already added and will go over that in this artcle later.

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    .The motor build went flawless. Everything went together perfectly and I didnt need to much assistance. I did ask Eric a few questions on the piston assembly and valve adjustment process. I recieved a jetting kit and a new needle for the FCR carb. I was quite a bit different then what I had in there. I was way off on the jetting. This expalined alot of the issues I had with the installation of the new FCR carburator. I pulled it off of a 2006 CRF 450r and rebuilt it for this TRX motor. The old cam I had was a stage 3 Hotcam and worked great on the top end but on the low end it was a bear to handle. I like to lug the mortor in certain situations and it diod not like that. This new cam and jetting made all the differnce in the world. CT Racing really has their act together and its very straightforward and simple.I did replace the FMF Megabomb pipe with CT Racing`s pipe to match the motor. Once I had everything together, lubed and torqued, I fired the bike up. It started on the first kick! That is a sweet sound after a rebuild. I broke the motor in doing a number of "heat cycles" and I changed the oll. I took the bike out to Hidden Falls Adventure Park and broke it in a little more but the rain stopped me from getting a good ride in. So that left me with the option of breaking the bike in on the pre run at Sierra Blanca for the Tres amigos 175..  .

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